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About Us


Thank you for visiting our guide service.  Peregrine Expeditions was established in 2009 in response to a growing need in the mountain guiding industry.  Our commitment is to provide you, the customer, with the best programming, direction and instruction in the business.   The result is that Peregrine Expeditions has become a leader in the field.

Our past: 

In 2009 there were only a hand full of guide services with the legal clearance to operate in the Mount Baker District of Mt Baker/ Snoqualmie National Forest.  This was completely closed to any other guide service.  Through working tirelessly with local Congressman Rick Larsen’s office and through continued pressure on the National Forest the guiding environment in North Western Washington is now completely different – Peregrine Expeditions was a directing force in opening up guiding opportunities for smaller guide services. 

Since opening our doors to the public our biggest asset was a deep understanding of the local mountain guiding market. This gave us the insight needed to understand what was missing.  What were people looking for but not getting?  This began with our first ski trips and single day ice courses.  Programs such as our Two Day Mt Baker Summit and our Three Day Mt Shuksan Skills and Climb soon followed and were instant hits, as well as all of our single day series courses that were designed to allow participants with everyday life schedules and budgets to participate in these courses.  We cut out the fat, eliminated unnecessary costs and stream lined our programs based on years of feedback and experience with the goal of getting you, the customer, closer to where you need to be. 

Since the beginning we have watched our programs repeatedly mimicked throughout the industry.  It was clear as a constant wellspring of new ideas and innovation we were offering something to our customers that our competitors did not have.

The present:

With our strong background in Adventure Education and Teaching Methodology we have become increasingly recognized as a place to learn.  Our guides are more than guides, they are skilled and trained teachers.  The structure and framework of our courses and curriculum is based on our understanding of the learning process. Peregrine Expeditions employs these unique and effective techniques through curriculum designed by expert educators.

Essentially all of the skills we teach, whether it be canyoneering, ice climbing or back country skiing are based on our thorough understanding of the learning process and the psychology of learning.  Our lead climbing course for example is responsive to the intense left and right brain integration that is required in order to build a safe lead climber.  Our Crevasse Rescue courses are built on the premise that all learning styles must be accommodated to gain competence.  We have currently abandoned the Avalanche level one curriculum since there is no evidence supporting that as a stand alone course, it does in fact “saves lives”.

We have gotten to this place because we are not only trained in the highest standards of guiding techniques but we also hold degrees in Education, Adventure Education and other formal training that allows us to understand the learning process.  Our courses are designed accordingly.  We understand the process of guiding but we also understand the process of learning and we acknowledge their difference. 

Today we are respected because we don’t follow, we lead, we lead our industry towards a deeper understanding of what it is we are doing and why.  Today we ask ourselves.  What can we do better?

Into the Future:

We at Peregrine are excited about and welcome the future. People want and value what we offer, our industry is becoming increasingly organized and the land managers are listening and adapting to the industry which affords us more respect on an international level and makes it easier to be even better.  Our continued work on this integrative level will allow Peregrine Expeditions to continue to introduce new trips and courses throughout Arizona and Washington.

Annually we see a growing number of competent climbers and skiers who received their start with us years ago.  We have the good fortune to bump into and hear from a growing number of Peregrine students, confident and bright shining with their own personal approach to the mountains.  This keeps reminding us that our legacy at Peregrine, above all else, is that we don’t teach people to be followers. We teach people to find their own strength, their own integrity and bring that forward to make a better future for all of us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and we look forward to meeting you on a future program!

Why Peregrine?

Most important is that the Peregrine is a symbol of athletic perfection.  Clocked at over 200 mph the Peregrine is the fastest animal on earth and one of the greatest of all mountain athletes.  Being a cliff dweller it shares our venue with us. Furthermore, The Peregrine is a conservation success story celebrating a complete approach to the Leave No Trace principle.  the 1960s and 70s the use of DDT as a pesticide had nearly wiped out this fantastic animal by contaminating its food source. With a lot of effort these animals have rebounded and have been able to maintain healthy breeding populations throughout North America. The Peregrine reminds us that while we are in the mountains we are a visitor and we must do this respectfully. At Peregrine Expeditions we work to set an example that to truly embrace a Leave No Trace principle we must understand that the choices we make in our day to day lives have just as much impact as the choices we make while we are in the back country.

In creating a model for environmentally sensitive business practices we will be donating 1% of all profits to endangered species that we are sharing the mountains with. Furthermore Peregrine Expeditions is working towards lowering it’s Carbon footprint.

At Peregrine Expeditions we work towards a healthy and gratifying addiction to mountain adventure.  Meaning all of our programs approach the mountains safely, ethically with an emphasis towards aesthetics and style.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 30 or more days from the event start date will receive a full refund. 

Cancellations made 14-29 days from the event start date will have a choice of a 50% refund or a 100% Peregrine Expeditions reservation credit valid through next season.

Cancellations made 0-13 days from the event start date will receive no refund.

Thank you so much again for an amazing experience. Climbing Baker was an incredible experience, something I have wanted to do for two decades.

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